Small Batch Pesto!

This summer my love affair with basil has reached new heights! There are oh so many ways to use it but my favorite, by far is pesto! I grew basil from seed for my little balcony garden this summer. It’s only now getting hearty and full, so I’m grateful that the growing season in California is much longer than most places. I use my home grown basil here and there, but I’ve found basil at our local farmers market to be exceptional! Just $3 for a very large bunch and all my basil desires are satisfied.

Pesto is typically made with pine nuts, which are among the pricier nuts, but I’ve found using walnuts gives you the same texture and nutty flavor without breaking the bank. Not only can you use this herby, garlicky goodness as a kind of sauce for pasta, but I love to put it on pizza, mix it in with my scrambled eggs, spread it on burgers, and baked chicken, or even add a little oil and vinegar for salad dressing.


In this dish I cooked brown rice pasta, topped with pesto, a poached egg, chopped fresh basil, salt, pepper & parmesan cheese. Yum!!



{Dinner for One} Tomato Basil Pasta

The biggest challenge of living on my own has been cooking for one. Ah, the single life! This year has been a journey of trial and error in the kitchen, with developing staple recipes for just one person without having an abundance of leftovers (somehow leftovers are so much better when you’re not the only one eating them). I can’t tell you how many times I came home and defaulted to scrambled eggs for dinner! After doing some research, and not finding much by way of “cooking for one” recipes online, I developed a few staples that make the perfect single serving dinner! First up, Tomato Basil Pasta! I love to use brown rice pasta as an alternative to wheat pasta. This recipe is super simple, quick and tasty! If you want to make this dish for multiple people, simply multiply the ingredients by the number of people you plan to serve and follow the directions as listed!

Tomato Basil Pasta ©Emeliabird 2016

Tomato Basil Pasta-©Emeliabird 2016

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