{Dinner for One} Coconut Curry!

Coconut Curry © Emeliabird 2016

Curry is one of my most favorite meals ever and so easy to make! Somehow this year I found myself stuck in multiple heated discussions over curry superiority (between thai and indian). Sorry thai lovers, but I do love indian curry. When I go to thai restaurants, I always have yellow curry, which most resembles indian curry.

I’m writing this as Dinner for One recipe, but I’m certain that unless you are very very very hungry, this should serve two people, or make wonderful leftovers. So, get yourself a date or freeze half for another time! All the vegetables in this can be swapped out for the veggies of your choice. Some other favorites of mine are bell peppers (red, green orange or yellow), eggplant or broccoli. Most of the time I use spinach instead of kale, but I had it on hand and actually preferred the flavor over spinach! And I’ll just leave this here …

Over the last few years it has indeed become a comfort food in my family. It’s a wonderful meal in the heat of summer, with a glass of iced tea, or in the winter. There’s nothing quite like snuggling up in a blanket with a hot bowl of curry, Mmm!

Coconut Curry © Emeliabird 2016

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