Smoothie Bowls!

This summer my eyes have been opened to the wonder and tasty amazingness of frozen smoothie bowls! O.M.G. Favorite. Inspired by the brazilian açaí bowl, but more versatile, with oh, so many options! Endless options! These have quickly become my go-to breakfast (following very closely behind my love affair with eggs, oatmeal and every other breakfast food under the sun. Ha!). You can also have this as a healthier dessert option, or a lunch, or a snack, or for no reason at all, other than just wanting a tasty treat. What? I’m hungry!

I usually use any fruit I happen to find on sale, fresh or frozen. I recently bought a massive papaya on sale, chopped it up and froze it in a ziplock bag because the price was too good to pass up! You can do this with any fruit, just be sure to cut it into small pieces before freezing! Once your fruit is frozen, just pop some of the cut up pieces into your blender or processor with the other ingredients of your choice (see the recipe below)!

As toppings go, I always get almond butter and honey from Trader Joes. It’s my favorite. For dried toppings, bulk! bulk! bulk! I get everything in bulk, and it is the greatest, ever. If you don’t have a Winco foods store or a store with bulk foods, let’s just bow our heads for a moment of silence ……. I buy everything I possibly can in bulk and pay a fraction of the price of packaged goods, even with salt, spices, flour, oats, pasta, but especially in the area of dried fruit and nuts. I mean, do you ever have a heart attack looking at the prices down the baking aisle? It’s like you need to make six figures and own a yacht to afford a bag of pecans these days! (Cue dreams of owning a farm with rows of pecan trees …).

The moral of the story is, start making smoothie bowls! They’re easy to make, fun, colorful, fresh, and delightful, and you don’t have to drink them through a straw! What could be better?

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Wild Blackberry Pie


Blackberry season here in Northern California had me feeling like I was in heaven! I discovered early in July that wild blackberries in this region are plentiful if you know where to look! One sunny Saturday it was 102 degrees outside and I decided I was going on a hunt for wild blackberries! I ventured out with my giant pink bucket and sneakers that I only wear if I absolutely must (because honestly, who likes wearing closed shoes when it’s hot outside?). I spent five hours driving around town, under train trestles, by the lake, down back roads and dirt paths, discovering the best hidden spots and picking berries to my hearts content (there may or may not have been trespassing involved). On the first day, I ended up with four pounds of berries, and eventually, ten jars of jam, a freezer full of frozen berries and multiple tasty blackberry desserts.

I think the biggest hit in the treat department was my Wild Blackberry Pie, baked for friends on the Fourth of July! If you’re fortunate enough to have wild blackberries growing near you (or any kind of berry for that matter), do yourself a favor, get outside, breathe in the fresh air, bask in the sunshine and pick those babies until you can pick no more! Also, watch out for spiders. 😉 It is so rewarding to be able to enjoy something you worked hard to obtain, and to delight those around you with sweet treats as well!

Blackberry Pie ©Emeliabird 2016

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